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Wellness Workshops

Sustainable Steps

Traditional cultures believe that personal and environmental health are connected. Yet, modern times have slowly separated the two. At Moon
Gardens, we use creativity and imagination to return us to a traditional way of living.  Drawing upon 17+ years of experience in the health and wellness sector, we have a strong desire to return us to what we innately know.

  “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge!”   Albert Einstein beautifully strung these words together and demonstrated that science is imagination put into action.  Moon Gardens is the creation of our imaginations that strives to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to utilize this gift to joyfully tend to the gardens of health as a whole.

Our Wellness Workshops are created by melding science,
tradition and creativity to provide areas of the community
(such as: physician office’s—patients and staff, corporate wellness, community events,
home settings, etc.) opportunities to experience practical and enjoyable
ways to care for health as a whole.

We welcome you explore our garden and contact us to discuss
how we may customize a program to suit your group’s needs.

Any and all funds generated from Wellness Workshops goes towards perpetuating the mission of Moon Gardens.

Email: moongardens.org@gmail.com

Pick Up 3 to Save The SeaIMG_6037

Being an isolated island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we here in Hawaii have a symbiotic relationship with the ocean.

To strengthen this cooperative relationship, Moon Gardens encourages kids of all ages (yup that means “kids at heart” adults included) to draw a beach themed picture that captures their own unique connection to the ocean.

It doesn’t stop there though, we encourage everyone that when they visit the beaches, to enjoy the ocean’s beauty and splendor, to pick up at least 3 pieces of trash. This, in turn,   instills a new sustainable step in everyone to care for our environment.

Click here to download your Pick Up 3 TEMPLATE.