Aristotle once said, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your calling.” Moon Gardens couldn’t agree more, and as a result we create programs to benefit the health of individuals and our environment; which we, in turn, believe uplifts the collective soul of our community.

Upcoming Wellness Workshops in the Community

In-person workshops at the YMCA have been suspended and we are working together to create an online class.

Mililani YMCA Workshops through May 2020

Nu’uanu YMCA Wellness Workshops through May 2020


Introducing our new Wellness Widget program

We complicate health, and together we can simplify the process!  A new monthly Wellness Widget will be featured here that contains research-based science.  Follow along, and watch your health benefit without having to turn your life upside-down!  Get a Wellness Widget buddy, and hold each other accountable to make these changes occur.

Teeth Brushing